Home is where our (homemade) fish ‘n chips are


Fish Friday! Well for us that’s most days. Today is all about home made fish in batter, twice fried chips, onion rings and homemade tartare sauce. Oh yes!

When we first moved to our current home we fancied a fish n chips supper as I’m sure you are aware moving day doesn’t marry well with standing over a hot stove and cooking. Take away all the way. We were happy to discover on our walk around the local area, a fish n chip shop. Happy days! Or so we thought. We were highly disappointed. Greasy chips and soggy fish. From then we decided to have a go at making our own from scratch. We haven’t looked back since.

First things first “locally sourced”. We buy our fish from our friendly local fishmonger ‘Fresh fish of Croydon and surrey’ with great prices for high quality fish. Where you can, always go for locally sourced food. Thank you ‘Fresh fish’ we salute you!

Take a look at our recipe guide with a few helpful tips thrown in. There are many recipes out there to choose from, for us this works best.

(for approximately 4 people)

Fish/batter recipe:

Cooking oil (sunflower or vegetable)

kitchen towel

heat 1/2 a litre of oil (enough so the fish is a least half way submerged when cooking)


fresh cod or haddock (1 large side of cod cut into 4-6 fillets- as much as you need then freeze the rest)

sea salt

Cut the fish into fillets, taking off the skin first

wash and dab the fillets dry

sprinkle on generous amount of sea salt and leave for 20mins (this dries out the liquid and firms out the flesh)

*make the batter

use a piece of kitchen towel to dry off any moister and wipe off the sea salt

Test a small part of the batter in the oil to see if it is hot enough (hot enough so it gains colour after 10/20 seconds)

dip the fillet in batter (covered)

Hold the fillet above the oil and dip in 1/3 slowly moving the fillet back and forth until it starts to cook. Slowly lay the remainder of the fillet in

Cook for 2-3 mins. Turn then cook another 2-3 mins

keep moving the fish gently around the pan so it doesn’t touch the bottom

once golden brown lay on a plate lined with kitchen towel and continue with the rest


Cold plain flour 400g

Cold beer/lager 550ml

baking powder 3tsp

tumeric 1 tsp

pan deep enough to fry fish (we use a wok)

put the flour in a bowl

add the baking powder

add the beer whilst whisking rigourously until the batter is smooth

add the turmeric and mix into the batter

Chips recipe:

3 or 4 large potatoes (Maris pipers are good, but not essential)

peal the potatoes

cut into chunky segments

boil the kettle and add the chips and water to a pot on the stove

leave to boil for about 5 mins

meanwhile turn on the frier and leave to warm up (medium temp)

take off the heat and drain

once the frier is hot enough, add the chips

leave to fry for approx 12-15 mins

take out and place on a plate with kitchen towel

dab the chips until they are dry

turn up the frier

once hot enough add the chips for their 2nd fry.

They will only need a few minutes so keep an eye on them

drain off excess oil then add to a bowl lined with kitchen towel and serve

(you can time the 2nd fry to coincide with the fish frying so they are finished together)

onion rings recipe:

1-2 medium to large white onions (depends how many you want. We usually use 1 large one).

Chop the onion/onions into medium sized rings

once the batter is ready, dip and fry

(Cheats) tartare sauce:

capers (handful)

mayonnaise (not homemade. You can if you fancy it)

Parsley (handful)

squeeze of lemon

Gurkhins (optional)

roughly chop the capers

finely chop the parsley

Chop 1/ 1/2 gurkhins

add all of these to a bowl and mix with approx 4 to 5 large squirts of mayo

lastly add a touch of black pepper and a squeeze of lemon (taste and add more if necessary)

Refrigerate until needed


  1. Have the oven on a low heat. Once the cooked fish is on the plate and kitchen towel, place in the oven to stay hot and crisp.
  2. great addition to the meal would be peas, minted peas or mushy peas and curry sauce (we’re trying the minted peas soon, so will keep you posted)
  3. Put the flour and beer in the freezer about 20 mins before you need it. This helps the batter to react more when it hits the oil. This creates a crisper bubblier batter.



Please let us know how you got on with yours.


happy eating!


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