What’s for dinner dear?

Looking in the fridge this morning we weren’t feeling very inspired about what to do for dinner. We had a left over bream in the fridge so what would we do?

Taking it back to our roots we decided to add a little Caribbean spice to our meal. Fried fish, dumplings, rice and gravy (the quick version). Normally we would season the fish with scotch bonnet chillies, thyme, salt, pepper and fish seasoning and have rice and peas. Today we did it without the scotch bonnet, thyme and rice and peas. Still delicious and a perfect way to use left overs.

(Food for 3)


Red bream (we had 1 chopped into 3 pieces)

basmati rice

fish seasoning



1/2 lime

corn flour


3 cups of self raising flour or plain flour

3tsp baking powder if using self raising flour

1/3 tsp salt

2 1/2 tsp sugar

3 large tsp butter/margarine

1 1/2 cups of water (or enough to make the dough)



For the fish..

Wash the fish and pat dry.

Score the fish.

Squeeze the lime juice all over the fish.

Season with salt, pepper and fish seasoning.

leave for 10mins before frying.

Put a generous glug of cooking oil into a frying pan and heat up.

Mix a little corn flour and fish seasoning together and cover the fish in it.

Once the oil is ready (medium heat) Lay the fish in the pan and fry on all sides until crisp.

Tip- as red bream is quite large, place it into the oven for about 10mins to crisp up and cook through.

for the dumplings..

put the flour, salt, butter, sugar and baking powder (if using plain flour) into a bowl.

Mix using your hands, crumbling the butter into the flour (just like the process of crumble for apple crumble or making pastry).

next start to add the water bit by bit, mixing and kneading the mixture and water together as you go.

tip– the dough shouldn’t stick to your fingers once it is ready.

tip– if you add too much water, you can add a little more flour.

Once the dough is ready heat some oil in a pan, about 4-5 table spoons.

Break the dough into sections, golf ball size approx (depends how late you want the dumplings to be).

Shape them slightly (see pics) and place in the oil.

Keep an eye on them (turn the heat to medium).

Turn occasionally. Should be done after approx 10mins.


You can add gravy too- we used 1 veg oxo cube and half a chopped red onion.

To thicken the gravy and a little corn flour mixed with water.

Then just serve. Yum.


Happy eating!







2 thoughts on “What’s for dinner dear?

  1. Looks absolutely delicious but I had to look up sea bream 🙂 Had never heard of it and am sure if it’s as available where I live. Any suggestions for a substitute? ❤


    1. Hi! Firstly thanks for reading. The recipe had red bream, not sure if that’s available where you live. There are a variety of breams. Alternatively you could snapper, tilapia or coley (not as good as the snapper, tilapia or bream). Hope this helps. Let s know how you get on 🙂


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