On a heavenly bed of veg

What do you do with that last sea bass in the freezer?

how about trying out succulent sea bass fillets on a bed of delectable roasted veg. Sound good?

There are so many amazing ways you can cook veg, helping to bring out their natural flavours and enhancing them with a little extra spice or seasoning.

This is one of our favourite recipes. Perfect for a quick and nutritional meal. Great for adults and kids love it too!



New potatoes (as many as you need. For 3 people we used approx 8 cut in half)


red and green peppers


red onion

1 sea bass filleted

X3 or 4 anchovies

olive oil

X2 cloves of garlic


Time to cook:

Fillet the fish if not already done

Score the fillets and ensure there are no bones

season the fish (sea salt and black pepper) and add a little olive oil

preheat the oven to approx 200 degrees

clean and boil the potatoes

chop the peppers and carrots into chunks (carrots not too thick, so they don’t take too long to cook)

slice the fennel

cut the onion into chunks

place the potatoes and carrots on a baking tray with a drizzle of oil, garlic cloves and anchovies. Season with salt

place in the oven

when the potatoes and carrots are nearly done, add the peppers, fennel, dill and red onion

place the fillets in a heated pan skin side down and hold the down so the skin doesn’t curl up

cook for a few mins until the skin is crisp and then turn over and cook for a couple more (flesh will look a little translucent. This means it’s ready

take the tray of veg out of the oven and place the fillets on top

We have a French stick too, which is great for dipping in the oil of the veg pan

all done!


Happy eating!













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