Miso tastic!

We’ve been loving homemade soups lately. Fresh, warming and delicious. One of our favourites is miso. We’re lucky enough to be a 10 minute walk from a fabulous Asian supermarket ‘Wing Yip’ ( http://www.wingyip.com) where we buy some great fresh produce. You can also eat there. Definitely check it out if you can.

Here’s a little fact about miso..

paste made from fermented soya beans and barley or rice malt, used in Japanese cookery.
a soup thickened with miso paste, often with added tofu or vegetables.
“a bowl of piping hot miso”

(Taken from Google)

So here we go..

(feeds a family of 3)


miso paste 1tsp

pak choi 1 florette

tofu 1 pack

Rice noodles 100g

salmon 3 fillets

teryaki marinade

water 1,000ml

spring onions 2 or 3 (for garnish and part of the soup)

chillie 1 (depends how hot you want it)

Instant dashi 10g

mirin 2tbsp

light soy 3tbsp

lime 1

broccolli or sugar snap beans, shiitake mushrooms, spinach (whichever you prefer, or a mix)

Fresh mint (for garnish)

corriander (for garnish)


Marinate the salmon in teriyaki marinade (you can buy a ready made one or make your own with mirin or rice wine vinegar, sugar,soy, crushed garlic and ginger)

Set the water to boil then add the mirin, soy and dashi

Take some of the broth out and mix with the miso paste until it dissolves into the paste

Add to the broth

Put a bit of the teriyaki marinade in a pan on a medium heat

Mix in brown sugar until it forms a glaze

Add the salmon top side down so you get a nice glaze on the top

Depending on the size of the fillet, cook until you see the fish loses its translucency

Turn the fillets over

If the glaze is beginning to thicken, add a drop of waters and cover the pans so the fish steams

Bring the broth back to boil and add chillies and spring onions

Get your bowls ready and lay some pak choi and rice noodles (un cooked- these will cook by the time you have finished putting the soup together and served at the table) on the bottom

Add your tofu and sugar snaps. Let them cook for 2-3 minutes

Now your ready to serve!..

Pour the hot soup into the bowls, making sure the noodles are submerged

Share the tofu and sugar snap beans between the bowls

Lay the salmon fillets on top

Lastly, garnish with spring onions, chilli, fresh mint, fresh coriander and a slice of lime

Now you can eat!

This is quick, easy and delicious. Go for it!


Happy eating!