Gorgeous goujons

This is is a great delicious meal that the whole family can enjoy.

What exactly does ‘goujon‘ mean?

It means- deep fried strips of chicken or fish. Originating from the French word ‘gudgeon’ which is small edible European freshwater fish, often used as bait by anglers. (Definitions taken from oxforddictionaries.com)

Now to the food. We’d say the meal takes approximately 30-40mins from prep to table. So here we go…


Chips-2 good sized normal potatoes and 1 medium sized sweet potato (Maris pipers are good and to add something different why not mix with sweet potatoes) – this is enough for 3 of us.

Goujons– A good sized fillet of white fish (e.g. haddock, cod or hake)

panko bread crumbs

1 egg (for dipping the fish)

pimenton (paprika)

Brioche buns

Tartare sauce

Handful of capers

2-3 small gherkins (chopped)

mayonaise (6-8 tablespoons)

handful of chopped parsley

squeeze of lemon

Salad– leaves of your choice, and maybe some cucumber and tomatoes. Whatever you fancy.

Now you’re all set with the ingredients, let’s move onto the prep and cooking..

First of all prepare and cook the first round of chips (If frying)  or alternatively place on a baking tray with a touch of olive oil and salt and pepper and place in the oven (at approx 180)

It is up to you how thick or thin you make your chips. With the normal potatoes we usually leave the skin on and take the skin off of the sweet potatoes.

Once chopped, place in the pre heated fryer on a low heat for approximately 12-15mins (or until they start to get colour)

take them out and dab until excess oil has gone.

Leave aside ready for round 2.

Tartare sauce-

Finely chop the gherkins

lightly chop the capers

chop the parsley

add to a bowl with the mayonnaise, mix and add a squeeze of lemon

taste, and add more lemon if needed.

Time for the second round of chips. (If frying)

Turn the fryer up and cook the chips for a further 5-8 mins. As before when done, place onto kitchen towel and dab away excess oil.

Now for the goujons-

Take the skin off of the fillet.

Wash the fish, then chop into strips (not too thick).

Whisk one egg in a bowl.

Put a generous amount  of panko bread crumbs onto a plate along with half a teaspoon of  pimenton.

Put a frying pan onto the hob with a generous amount of oil, at a medium to high temp.

Put each strip into the whisked egg and then into the plate of panko bread crumbs. Cover completely.

Then place the covered fillet into the pan for 2-3 mins each side. Once the crumbs are a golden brown colour, the fillets should be ready.

Lightly toast the brioche buns under the grill.

Now it’s time to plate up!

Tips/ideas: If you don’t fancy chips why not try wedges.

We love the brioche bun, but if it isn’t your thing a good old seseame seed bun is another alternative.

Let us know how you get on.

Happy eating x



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