Spice up your life!

No. This is not about the girl band craze of the 90’s the Spice girls (phew! I hear you say). It’s about the fantastic spice heaven that is ‘Spice Mountain’, in borough market.

What is the definition of spices?

“Spices are the aromatic parts of tropical plants traditionally used to flavour food, or the dried seeds or fruit of temperate plants used in the same way. Some of the substances we call spices come from the bark or roots of certain plants, but the majority are berries, seeds, or dried fruits.

Some of the most popular spices in New Zealand – cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, ginger, pepper – are native to the Asian tropics. Some of the aromatic seed spices – coriander, fennel, fenugreek, mustard, poppy – are native to the Mediterranean region. A few spices – allspice, chillies, vanilla – are native to parts of the Carribean and Central America.”- The Spice Trader

A delightful shop with a plethora of spice flavours for adding that extra zing to your meals!

From pink Himalayan salt to curry spices, the choices seem endless.

Next time you are in London, head to Borough Market and visit Spice mountain.


Follow them on twitter– @spice_mountain



Happy cooking! x


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